We here at Unity believe that a Uniform is more than just clothing, the right uniform can change people. Simply adding a logo to each employees work shirt can dramatically impact your customer image and the mentality of your people.

In today’s current work climate Employee Retention programs are important if you are going to attract and maintain a quality and reliable workforce for your company.

Developing a uniform program for your staff is second only to benefits according to worker polls.

We have a wide variety of products to work with here and with our many years of experience we can sit with you and quickly develop a standardized look for your workforce.

How it Works.

  1. Contact us to talk about your companies needs.
  2. We will set up an appointment with you to sit down in person or virtually to walk through the options available.
  3. In any uniform selection, the idea is work down from 100’s of possible products per category down to just a few variable options to ensure everyone is representing your company and brand with the same image.

We make it easy for you.

We currently cater to several very large companies and corporations making sure that the process is easy, efficient and reliable on every order.

We are mobile and our goal is to make your employees our own and take all the work and questions away from you and direct your traffic back to us.

Let us handle all of your workwear and promotional needs!

Reach out today to get started! We are ready when you are.